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Shaken Not Stirred

“Shaken, not stirred.”

Arguably one of the most quoted movie lines of all time, James Bond did know what he was talking about.  By shaking a cocktail you are rapidly passing a liquid back and forth (faster than you could ever stir) to super-cool your ingredients below the water freezing point of 32 degrees (or 0 Celsius for you purists out there). Shaking a Tod’s Natural Cocktail is important because all of our ingredients are dehydrated and the shaking provides an excellent, and fun, opportunity to dissolve everything into a delicious elixir. 

By now you understand the importance of shaking a cocktail… good. But we acknowledge that not everyone has a cocktail shaker, so we are here to help educate you on your options before you head to the store.

Cobbler Shaker

3 Piece: Cobbler Shaker 

The cobbler shaker is the classic “martini” shaker that come in 3 pieces. A base cup to hold your ingredients, a tapered top with a built in strainer on the end, and a cap to keep your ingredients from flying through the strainer (and all over your office… err kitchen) when you shake things up. This is the most complete shaker options as no additional strainer is needed. If you do choose this option, please spend the extra money to get a higher quality shaker with thicker walls.  This is recommended because the super cooling of the cocktail also cools the shaker and can shrink the pieces enough to need Superman’s help to open the top cap. Thicker walls reduce the risk of this freeze sealing.

French Shaker

2 Piece: French Shaker

The French shaker is very similar to the Cobbler except there is no strainer, leaving just a base and cap.  You still run the risk of freeze sealing with thinner walled ones, but only having one seal reduces the risk of any leakage while shaking. Unless you like ice cubes in your cocktail (hey, we’re not judging) you will need to strain your cocktail and therefore require a strainer (Hawthorne or Julep) to pour.

Boston Shaker

1 Piece: Boston Shaker

This is the most common shaker used in bars and kitchens across the world.  To use the Boston shaker you first add your cocktail ingredients in a common 16oz pint glass.  Once the glass is filled you take the Boston shaker and invert it over the pint glass until you have a seal.  Then simply grasp both the glass and Boston shaker, and shake to your heart's content.  Like the French shaker you will need a strainer, but the cleanup is easier than the others (simply toss into the dishwasher). 

We could debate which shaker is best until the sun comes up. What we do know is that you can enjoy a Tod’s Natural Cocktail with any of them. We are an equal opportunity Shaker company so the decision is yours. And remember, if you don’t have a shaker you can always defy Mr. Bond and use a spoon to stir your cocktail. Just make sure you are -at least- wearing a tuxedo. 



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